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Somewhere in France is a bespoke tour company.  That means that we will tailor our tours to your precise specifications.  Our luxury minibus will take you anywhere you want to go on the Western Front.  If you wish to visit a particular spot, the thoroughness of our preparatory research will ensure that you get there.  With a maximum of fourteen guests on each tour, we offer a degree of flexibility that the ‘big coach’ tours are unable to supply.

For that reason our itineraries are never set in concrete and no two tours
will ever be the same.  We believe that this is a fundamental reason why you should choose to travel with us.  There is nothing regimented or
conventional about Somewhere in France.  However we do operate within a basic structure - elements of which are interchangeable, depending upon our clients’ wishes.  New visits can be added; old ones can be set aside for another time.  We are at your disposal.

Our basic five-day tour is outlined here. The cost is a competitive £495.00 per person.

Click here and you’ll find our popular six-day tour, at £595.00 per person.

These prices cover minibus (including refreshment hamper), ferry berths, hotels (including breakfast), lunches and entry to all museums. Our guests prefer to have the evening to themselves, so we’ll let you make your own arrangements for dinner. You’ll be staying in the town centres of  Arras and Ypres, so there’s no shortage of restaurants, cafes and picturesque continental pubs.You don’t have to bring your rifle and there are no dawn inspections. Our tours are informal, informative and (above all) fun. You’ll be following in the footsteps of a unique generation and they would  want you to remember them with a smile.

We have a duty not to let them down!

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Our 2008 'Thursday to Monday' tour schedule
gets underway in April. The dates are listed below. Places are available on most trips. Contact Jack at if you would like to join us. 
April 10th to 14th
May 15th to 19th
June 12th to 16th
July 3rd to 7th
August 7th to 11th
September 11th to 15th
October 16th to 20th
November 27th to December 1st (St Andrew's Night)


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