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Somewhere in France : bespoke battlefield tours.

Why ‘Somewhere in France’?

That’s easy. It’s all the soldiers were permitted to write. Their letters were censored - by themselves, by their officers, by their government. Once they had embarked on ‘active service’, as far as their loved ones were concerned, they were always ‘Somewhere in France’. Even when they were in Belgium.

So that’s the name of the company. But why should you choose us?

Well, for a start, we know what we are doing. Our historical consultant and principal guide is Jack Alexander, author of McCrae’s Battalion and designer of the famous ‘Contalmaison Cairn’. Jack’s knowledge and professional expertise, coupled with our solid logistical experience, will make your pilgrimage unique, satisfying and memorable.

We will tailor your trip to your most exacting requirements. Whether it’s a specific grave, or the site of a specific wartime engagement, we will find it and deliver you to the spot. Our luxurious minibus can accommodate parties of up to fourteen guests in spacious comfort - with video and audio loops for your information and entertainment. We‘ll even supply you with an on-board refreshment hamper. Our drivers and guides are fully qualified. ‘Private’ or ‘family’ tours are available on request - along with corporate ‘team-building’ packages. We’re also fully insured.

You’ll travel in the same dedicated vehicle from Edinburgh to France and back. Convenient pick-up/drop-off points are available en route from Edinburgh to Hull - at Berwick, Newcastle, York, or anywhere (within reason) that you care to specify. You’ll enjoy a relaxing overnight break on a P&O ferry in both directions - fine food, fine bars, dancing, cinemas and casinos.

Based in top-class hotels in the front-line towns of Ypres and Arras, you’ll embark each morning on a stirring and evocative journey into the past. We’ll introduce you to the infamous ‘Salient’ of Belgian Flanders and explore the verdant killing fields of the Somme - all in the best of company. Finally, to keep safe with your memories, we’ll supply you with a complimentary souvenir of your trip - our exclusive Somewhere in France memorabilia pack.

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